Art Classes

Are you interested in understanding techniques and instruction on how to paint? Have you always wanted to learn to paint by following step-by-step instructions and painting tips from a Professional Artist?

Learn to paint with Svetlana Van Wyk through step-by-step art techniques that offer easy exercises and basic tips to improve your skills, and how to paint a picture that is dynamic in color and full of texture. Embark on a journey of priming, staining, brushwork basics, and making corrections on your paintings.

Learning to paint can feel like an intimidating process.  With Svetlana's tips, you can master basic painting techniques in no time. Learn to paint a picture you can be proud of by using tips on how to paint, making corrections, and selecting the appropriate art supplies to accomplish different brushstrokes. Svetlana will explain surface mixing tips for an extensive range of color using oil, acrylics, watercolor, or pastel, and the importance of priming and staining to prevent surface absorption.

Learning Options: