Construction Progress

Welcome to the very humble beginnings of Van Wijk Winery. In January 2011, we became the new owners of a partially rennovated building that, until 4 years prior, was still used for Sully Community Church services until they constructed a new church and sold the old building. As a family, we decided to strip the building down to its brass tacks to ensure we could begin with a strong foundation and structure for our future winery.  

Jon and Adam are project managers for our new winery located in Sully, IA, and we are carefully and lovingly reconstructing the building ourselves; outsourcing construction that we prefered not to do.  People continually ask us when we will open it up to the public but, in today's economy, we have decided to take our time and not hurry anything.  We opened the tasting room and gift shop with a soft opening in November 2012. Construction on the Ballroom, Upper Gathering Room, and Bistro/Kitchen completed Summer 2013. Construction on the lower level with Bottling and Fermentation Rooms is expected to complete in January 2014, and will continue in the Bed & Breakfast through Spring of 2014.  Landscaping will continue throughout 2014, and we expect will be ongoing for a few years.  We welcome you to continue following the construction progress by clicking the Facebook icon on our Home page.

We selected Sully, Iowa to rennovate an old church into our winery because Roger's ancestors moved from the Netherlands and settled within the Sully area. Once our winery is completed, it is our goal to purchase some land and plant a small vineyard in the not too distant future. But first, we wanted to learn the wine business from the retail perspective and 'work our way backwards and sideways'. If you love a good story, please feel free to check back with us from time-to-time to learn how we are progressing.

Inside:  Before and After Photos

Jon, Adam, and friends have done a great job of setting up the wine making room downstairs. This photo that shows the ceiling is up. A lot of work has gone into adding all the canned lighting, sprinkler system, speakers, Pella Windows - not to mention the ridiculously difficult job of removing years and layers of carpet glue off the floor! 

Before starting construction on winemaking roomProgress made on winemaking roomProgress made on winemaking roomProgress made on winemaking room

Outside: Before and After Photos

Jan 2011 to Nov 2012 changes to the North/Northwest side of the winery.  Notice the Crenellations at the top of the 3 story tower - very cool with stone!