Donation and Sponsorship Requests

Van Wijk Enterprises LLC companies are built on Christian values; giving is inspired by scriptures such as 1 John 5, Romans 12, 2 Corinthians 9, Luke 6, Matthew 6, and others. 

Charitable Contributions:

Van Wijk Winery's charitable efforts are focused on supporting programs and projects that enhance our customers' quality of life, as well as promote health and human services education within the communities where we do business.  Healthy, robust communities create opportunities that allow us to love and serve one another in the effort to live more connected and meaningful lives.

Throughout the year we receive a large number of requests from individuals and organizations who strive to make a positive impact.  While we would like to respond favorably to all requests, understandably, the needs are far greater than our allocated resources.

Donation and Grant Eligibility Guidelines:

As part of our commitment to the communities we serve, Van Wijk Winery participates in local fundraising events by offering two types of support *

  1. In-kind Donations (i.e., either wine, accessories, gift baskets, gift certificates, or charitable discounts)
  2. Volunteer Service Grants (i.e., Personal Tastings that are either winery co-sponsored and hosted in-house or at remote locations featuring charity wine auction/fundraisers).

To apply for Van Wijk Winery support, organizations and eligible individuals must meet the following general requirements:

  • Programs/Projects/Events:  Focus of all requests must support publicized or official events that specifically add value to our customers' quality of life as well as to enhance health and human services education within the communities where we do business.
  • Non-Profit Organizations: Requests from organizations must include 501(c)(3) nonprofit Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) for either Grant applications or wine donation requests.  Wine requests must be supported by Iowa Code 123.173A - Charity beer, spirits, and wine auction permit.
  • Eligible Individuals:  Requests from individuals must come from customers who have made a purchase at our winery or current employees who have worked at the winery within the same calendar year.

Please review the guidelines found below and use this process to make requests. We do not accept and are not able to respond to blanket messaging via social media, email, text, or phone/voice message requests. 

Donation and Grant Application Request Process:

Van Wijk Winery reviews requests throughout the year and will consider one application request from eligible individuals and organizations throughout the calendar year.  We prioritize requests from customers who have purchased from us.

Requests should be submitted at least 12-24 weeks in advance of an event to allow time for review. Due to the large number of requests, Van Wijk Winery is unable to guarantee a response to all donation requests.

Please proceed with your request by copying our Donation and Grant Application Request Form below and sending your complete and thoughtful responses to to help us determine the appropriate level of support for your request. 

Donation and Grant Application Request Form

Organization Information

  1. Name of Organization:
  2. EIN/Tax ID #
  3. 501(c)(3) Status (since):
  4. Mailing Address:
  5. City, State, Zip:
  6. Organization Telephone #
  7. Organization Website:
  8. Contact First/Last Name:
  9. Contact E-mail Address:
  10. Title or Relationship to Organization:
  11. Contact's Telephone Number (if different):

Program/Project Information

  1. Program/Project or Event Name:
  2. Purpose of Support:
  3. How will the funds raised for the program be used?
  4. * Type of Support or Sponsorship requested:
  5. How will a Van Wijk Winery donation/grant assist your program/project?
  6. Area/Community the program/project will serve:
  7. Estimated number of people served:
  8. Date/Time/Location of event:

*PLEASE NOTE: We may require the submission of supplemental information after reviewing your completed application. Feel free to also attach supporting documents for your event.