Local Attractions

Visit Van Wijk Winery in Sully and see below for more Local opportunities to help you Plan Your Visit, and to help you enhance your fun experience:

Bed & Breakfasts

  • Linden House (Lynnville)
  • Van Wijk Guest House (Sully) – delayed opening

Food Establishments

Local food establishments by city who partner with Van Wijk Winery for Bring Your Own Food (BYOF) dates and times.  Plan your visit!  Contact the food establishment ahead of your trip, and pick up your food to bring it to the winery. 

*Some food establishments specified below will deliver to the winery under certain circumstances - and possibly only during certain hours. Please Note:  Deliveries of  your food to the winery are only allowed while you are present at the winery to receive and care for it!  Van Wijk Winery staff cannot be responsible for outside food brought into or delivered to you. If you either bring your own food or have it delivered to you, please supply your own paper products and utensils, and thank you for cleaning up your table afterwards. 

 Area Attractions

 Personal Services


Note to in-home Local Businesses: Please let us know if you are would like to be included in this list (a continual work in progress).