Ballroom Rental (Hourly Rate)

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Ballroom: Capacity 60-100 people (depending on use of space).  

Do not use for Weddings!

Email to confirm availability before purchasing online. Please include date(s), start/stop time of event, purpose, and full contact info. All rental/reservation requests must be paid in advance and confirmed by Van Wijk Winery before the booking is final. Allows for exclusive use of Ballroom, Balcony, and Stage.

Two Pricing Options:  Based on Timing of Event

Option 1: Event held During Operating Hours - $400

(4 hrs. exclusive use, ends by 5:30 pm)

Option 2: Event held After Operating Hours - $600

(6 hours exclusive use, ends by midnight)

Contact us about our Special Event Rental Agreements. 

Note: Rental time starts when you arrive for set up and ends after you clean up and depart. This posted pricing includes only room rental and use of tables and chairs.

Final fee is based on signed Rental Agreement.  Please refer to the rental agreement for final arrangements. At least half of this rental is due to make the reservation, and the other half must be paid at least two weeks prior to the event date.

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