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Thank you for your interest in Van Wijk Winery.  Please contact us by clicking the various Service email links below for specific inquiries.  For all other general comments, questions, or concerns, please complete the form at the bottom or contact us by phone.  We look forward to hearing from you.

Service Emails:

  1. Events: Event Manager
    • Reservations or Tours: Select from 2 reservation options...
    1. Wine Selection Tastes (Up to 7 guests):  Our tasting room can accommodate a light tasting of 1-3 free wine splashes for up to 7 guests at a time. These limited tastings are designed to help new guests get acquainted with our wines during their first few visits in order to help them select wine to purchase. Should you wish to taste more wines, you have the option of purchasing an individual wine flight for $8/pp to take into the ballroom or deck to enjoy,   Plan ahead!  Our tasting room cannot accommodate your group of 8+ guests for this type of tasting.
    2. Group Tastings for (8+ guests): We require groups, private tastings, buses, and tours of the property to be arranged by pre-paid advance reservations only. There is a $14/pp fee for this type of tasting For staffing and scheduling purposes, reservations must be requested and confirmed at least one week in advance of the visit. 
    • Party Room or B&B Rentals:  If you are interested in renting either a Party Room in the winery for your special occasion or a Bed & Breakfast Suite.
    • Entertainment:  If you would like to invite us to participate in your remote event, or if you are an entertainer who would like to be considered for providing entertainment at a winery in-house event.

2. Hiring: Human Resource Manager If you would like to be considered for employment at our winery.

3. Sales: Sales Manager If you would like to be considered as a licensed reseller of our wines, or for other Business to Business (B2B) sales relationships.

If you have Non-Specific Inquiries: Complete the form below and we will try to respond within 48 hours...

Van Wijk Winery, 802 4th Street, Sully, Iowa 50251
(641) 594-3325