Gift Certificate

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Looking for a special gift for someone?  Buy a Gift Certificate from Van Wijk Winery!  Gift Certificates can be used toward any purchases at the winery.  There is no expiration date.  No cash refunds are available when redeemed.

Easy 2-Step Process with flexible options:

  1. Choose the Dollar Amount - Gift Certificates are available in various dollar amounts.  You may select multiple Gift Certificates by placing them in your cart. Want multiple Gift Certificates?  We have several options:
    • Same Dollar Amounts - If the Gift Certificates are the same dollar amount, simply add that dollar amount to your cart and change the number of Gift Certificates you want. 
    • Different Dollar Amounts - If the Gift Certificates are different dollar amounts, add each dollar amount to your cart separately.  If you want more than one Gift Certificate for a dollar amount, simply adjust number of  Gift Certificates per dollar amount as needed. 
2. Choose to Pick Up or Mail For Me:
  • Pick Up - You pick up the Gift Certificate(s) at the winery for no extra charge.
  • Mail For Me - We can mail the Gift Certificate(s) for you for a nominal Postage/Handling fee. The Postage/Handling fee is per Gift Certificate and built into the price when you select the Mail For Me option. 
    • If you want a Gift Certificate mailed by us, include the recipient's full name, full address, and full phone number in the comments section upon cart checkout and we will mail the Gift Certificate for you.  
    • If you want more than one Gift Certificate mailed by us, email and include each of the recipient's full names, full addresses, full phone number, and dollar amount in the comments section upon cart checkout and we will mail the Gift Certificates for you.  
Note: any Gift Certificates mailed by Van Wijk Winery will be postmarked within 24 hours once the purchase is made and all requested information is received by us.


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