These classes range from art and craft, dance, to wine & food pairings.  The goal of the classes to become comfortable with the vast world of art, dance, and wine.  Our instructors make make this cultural experience more accessible and less complicated. Depending on the nature of the class,

  • art and craft attendees will learn how to blend colors, and create contrasts through shades and highlights;
  • dance attendees will learn how to lead and follow, and basic dance steps for different music genres;
  • wine class attendees will learn to read a wine list and identify the types of wines they like. 
These are simply structured classes meant to encourage the exploration of various fun experiences.  They will be focused on creating some fun together and will not be technical or very theoretical in nature.
Wine & Cheese Pairing
Wine & Cheese Pairing $ 15.00
+ Quick Shop
Wine & Chocolate Pairing
Wine & Chocolate Pairing $ 10.00
+ Quick Shop